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What Is An “Open-Air” Photo Booth?

An open-air photo booth means you don’t have to squeeze inside a closed-in booth. Instead the open-air concept allows you to comfortably fit large groups of people and quickly get more people in and out of the booth providing you with more fun memories at the end of the night.

How Many Photos Can We Take?

There is no limit to the amount of photos taken. Your guests will be given an unlimited amount of sessions & prints within the time your photo booth is scheduled at the event.

How Can Guests View And Share The Photos?

Photos are placed in an online gallery for viewing during & after the event, we are able to password protect and hide the gallery upon request. If you missed a photo you would like to print out or share don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Your guests can access previous photos and then share again or even print on the spot.

How Much Space Does The Photo Booth Need?

We require 9′ x 9′ x 9′ space with a traditional (3-pronged) power outlet within range of the Photobooth.

Do You Offer Social Sharing?

Yes! Eros booth is equipped to share via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In addition Eros Booth provides you with Unlimited Texting, Unlimited Emails, & Unlimited Prints. At the end of your event you will receive access to an online gallery.

Do You Travel Outside Of Boston Massachusetts?

We cover all locations within New England, including Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Traveling fees may apply for locations outside of Boston Massachusetts. We also provide services for destination weddings and events, please inquire for more details.

Tell Us More About Your Dj Entertainment Service?

Here at Eros Booth our Turntablist DJ’s provide a high energy dance atmospheres while maintaining the elegance and class of your event. Using our custom online portal it allows you to truly be 100% in control of the ambiance, timeline and music performed. Eros Booth staffs some of Boston’s top professional Turntablist DJ’s, ready to take your event to the next level!

What Type Of Package Do You Offer?

Eros Booth first began as a DJ group, and since our founding over a decade ago, we continue to grow and evolve. Today we offer a range of event services including DJ services, Photobooth services, Up-lighting, Custom Gobo/Monograms, Party favors, and Dancing on the Clouds. You can expect us to create a truly unique experiences for your next event and set it apart from the rest. Upon our free consultation we will send you a custom package quote based on your needs.