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4 Unique Wedding Ideas to Wow Your Guests

A wedding is an extraordinary celebration of love. The couple embarks on a new, exciting journey together; they invite their family and friends to become a part of this new life. So, it's only natural that each couple wants their wedding to become memorable for themselves and the people who attend it.

Everyone knows that it takes great effort to make your wedding day memorable. Couples, high on excitement, are always ready to put in the required effort. However, it’s not the effort that’s lacking on most occasions; it’s direction, time, or budget that usually prevents couples from making their special day extra special!

Fortunately, we have 4 expert secrets to help you plan a sensational wedding. These special touches will make your wedding look like it was planned by a professional. Open sesame!


Shawn Stacks is the owner of Erosbooth, an Event Entertainment and Production company based in Boston, MA.

01. Unique Wedding party favors

Party Favors

Gifting favors is a tradition that has survived the test of time. We can trace back the origins of favors to the 16th century. Since then, newlyweds have used favors as “thank you” keepsakes to reward their guests for attending the most important day of their lives. So, they should be thoughtful and rewarding.

If you merely put together random things in a favor basket, you are not going for thoughtful; you are just ticking another item off your wedding day planning list. And that’s how average weddings are planned. Not yours. For your big day, design gift baskets that instantly transport your guests back to your wedding day every time they look at it. Yes, that’s easier said than done, but we have some ideas to help you along the way.

PRO TIP: Dive into your personality and find out what makes you unique. It could be your hobbies, interests, or something else. Then integrate them into your favor.

Is gardening a hobby you and your spouse enjoy? Then, succulents would make a great favor. Succulents will live on as decorations at friends’ houses and remind them of your wedding. You can customize the pot they come in or make it more economical by leaving just a card with the favor.

Alternately, step up your game and make the favors about your guests – something they would enjoy or find useful. Coasters are an interesting favor choice because they are utilitarian. If you’re looking for inspiration, constellation-studded coasters are on trend and look beautiful everywhere on every occasion.

You can also gift a favor that represents the time of your wedding. Years from now, it will have grown into a time capsule packed with nostalgia. Another popular trend is gifting hand sanitizers that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Just remember, do not personalize the favors to such an extent that they lose their utility for your guests. The perfect favors offer both sentimental and functional value.

02. Guests love a little Photo Booth fun

Photo Booth Rental
Ogontz rustic resort

A Photo Booth at your wedding is a great way to capture an authentic picture of your guest(s). Photo booth Rentals have become a common sight at most weddings and events. So, how do you make them special? Well, you make them special by focusing on the details. Fun unique themed props, a high-quality backdrop, fun engaging Photo Booth attendant, and printing on the spot.

Make sure that your photo booth has space for large groups to come together. A standard photo booth supports up to 4 people at a time. However, weddings bring together huge groups of people – family, friends, co-workers, and sometimes wedding crashers. We highly recommend setting up an open-air photo booth. It will be an exciting space for everyone to enjoy quality time together and capture those candid moments.

Don’t settle for flat, poorly lit pictures. Bad image quality will just ruin the experience for everybody. Consult with your photo booth vendor for a well-lit modern photo booth rental that produces dynamic, HD pictures and videos.

Lastly, an instant print add-on adds a new slice of excitement to the whole photo booth rental service. Let your guests get instant prints of their photos captured. The memories they make in your photo booth experience will make your wedding a social media sensation for weeks.

03. Personalize your event space instantly!

Gobo Monogram

A custom animated or static wedding gobo monogram can add a special touch that elevates your wedding into an unforgettable event. Remember how we asked you not to over-personalize the favors? A custom gobo monogram is a perfect way to keep everything at the wedding personalized without becoming overbearing. A typical wedding gobo might have the bride and groom’s names in a stylized font, and the wedding event date.

The best part about custom monograms is that there is no upper limit to the creativity you can display with them. For example, you can put them on the wedding invitation, wedding signs, table numbers, favors, and photo booth strips for consistency. Pro tip: gobo monograms can be created from nearly any design, and most flat surfaces are a great place to display a gobo at your event.

Pattern Gobos

Create a posh upscale vibe with some pattern designs. Mostly seen at high-end weddings, is a pattern or design displayed on the walls or ceilings around the venue. The Pattern Gobo design might be a scenic element or an abstract projection that creates a beautiful texture. This can also be animated, imagine a winter wonderland theme with the illusion of snow falling on the walls, or maybe you would like fireworks projected on the wall for your first dance. If you can dream it, we can create it!

Pattern gobo monogram

A professionally done custom gobo monogram can completely change how people perceive your wedding event space. If you are interested in seeing your name & event date illuminated/projected onto the dance floor we have the enhancement solution for you.

04. Wedding Audio Guest Book

Audio Guest Book

This trend is becoming increasingly popular with brides looking to add a retro touch to their wedding. An Audio Guest Book is a clever little phone that lets guests leave sentimental/funny/inappropriate voicemails at your wedding or party. Audio Guest Books allow you to capture the real voices of your wedding. The Mother-in-law that leaves a sentimental, heartfelt message. Your favorite cousin that re-tells that “had to be there” moment from back in the day, or the drunken uncle saying something he’ll probably regret tomorrow but has now immortalized forever. These voicemails will get better and better with time. Most companies will provide you with different storage methods. You can usually choose vinyl, cassette, or USB drive.

Bride Dancing at her Wedding
Groom Dancing at his Wedding

A Wedding for the Books

You will remember this day forever, take some time to think about what represents you as a couple. Make sure to check out our blog post:

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