DJ Setup With Cold Sparks at Salvatore's Riverwalk

DJ Epic Birthday celebration at Salvatore’s

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Salvatore’s Riverwalk in Lawrence, Massachusetts, is a beautiful event space that’s perfect for any special occasion. Recently, Erosbooth had the pleasure of DJing a 50th birthday party at Salvatore’s Riverwalk, and it was a night to remember. From the decorations to the music with DJ Shawn Stacks and the 360 Photobooth Rental we provided, everything came together perfectly to create an unforgettable birthday celebration.

DJ and Guest Arrival

The party started at 7 pm, and we arrived early to set up our equipment. Salvatore’s Lawrence is a great venue, and they had already prepared the dance floor and the tables. I had our LED DJ booth, which we set up near the dance floor. We always bring our own equipment, including a pioneer DJM S11 mixer, 2 Technics 1200 turntables, JBL Pro speakers, and Lighting. As a professional DJ company, it’s important to have reliable equipment that you’re comfortable performing on.

The decorations for the party were amazing. The birthday girl requested purple and pink for lighting, so we had chosen purple and pink as the main colors for the LED DJ Booth and uplighting. The tables were beautifully set up, and there were centerpieces with flowers and candles. The event planner Marci had also arranged for a 360 photobooth, which was a hit with the guests. We also provided our Cold Sparks and Confetti Cannon to add a bit of excitement.

As the party guests started to arrive at around 7:00 PM, the energy was already high. DJ Shawn Stacks started playing some background music, including some old-school R&B and funk tracks. He always likes to play some mellow music in the beginning, so guests can ease into the party. He took requests from guests and played some of the birthday girl’s favorite songs. Then our MC Christian hosted musical bingo for cocktail hour. This was a hit especially when the guest started to win prizes including gift cards to amazon, the centerpieces on the table, and nips.

Venue Information

Located at 354 Merrimack St, Lawrence, MA 01843 is a beautiful venue to host your upcoming event. The food at Salvatore’s Lawrence was delicious. There was a buffet with a variety of dishes, including pasta, chicken, and pizza. The guests seemed to enjoy the food, and there were plenty of compliments for the chef. The bartender also did an exceptional job providing fast and efficient service. When you visit Salvatore ask him to do his trick with the orange. There’s plenty of free parking with a wheelchair-accessible ramp.

Eros Experience with DJ Shawn Stacks

As the night progressed, the energy on the dance floor picked up as DJ Shawn Stacks took over. He started playing some classic disco and funk tracks, and the guests started to dance. We had arranged for some special surprises throughout the night, including our Cold Sparks and our Confetti Cannon with the 360 Photobooth. The experience is truly next level!

At Eros we like to mix up the music throughout the night, so guests don’t get bored. DJ Shawn Stacks mixed some classic rock tracks, some 90s hip-hop, and even some modern pop songs. He took some requests from guests, and he also played some of his own favorite tracks. As a Turntablist DJ, it’s important to be flexible and read the crowd. You have to be able to adjust your playlist based on what the guests are responding to.

The highlight of the night was when the birthday girl’s husband Quill hit the dance floor. He was the shy type and spent most of the night playing cornhole. It was a beautiful moment, and the guests were all shocked when he hit the dance floor toward the end of the night. At the beginning of the party, DJ Shawn Stacks question him on his favorite songs. He made sure to give him a moment with the music he loves.


The party continued till 11:00 PM. The guests danced to the music, took videos in the 360 Photobooth Rental we provided, and enjoyed the food and drinks. Shawn always like to keep the energy high throughout the night, so guests are motivated to keep dancing. He played some high-energy tracks, including some modern EDM and hip-hop bangers. As the party came to an end, he ended with American Pie by Don McLean. The staff packed up the equipment and said goodbye to the event planner and the guests. It was a great night, and we are grateful to have been a part of such an epic celebration at Salvatore’s Lawrence.

DJ Setup With Cold Sparks at Salvatore's Riverwalk
DJ Setup with Cold Sparks
360 Photobooth Rental
360 Photobooth Rental

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